Our Engineers make it so.

The Q team offers an extensive background in federal contracting, private sector design, and everything in between. Whether the project is a typical office space, or a highly complex medical facility, we have the experience and knowledge to meet the owner’s needs.


Q Engineers strives to bring your project the best in electrical engineering solutions. We take a comprehensive and efficient approach to project issues to help you save time and money. Whether it be industrial, commercial, medical, or residential, we aim to provide your project with the best quality design our experienced Alaskan engineers can offer.


  • Facility power distribution system designs including load demands and balancing, short circuit analysis, overcurrent coordination studies, utility coordination, and emergency/standby power generation
  • Fire and security alarm systems
  • Lighting, including outdoor, indoor, decorative and specialty
  • Communication & data systems
  • Code compliance inspection and remodel
  • Audio/Video, intercom, and a variety of specialty systems
  • High-end smart home lighting systems
  • ...and more
Government Contracting
  • Value Engineering solutions to maximize profits
  • Official Disputes (Government Directions, RFIs, Claims, Request for Equitable Adjustment, Contracting Officer Decision)
  • Contract Interpretation assistance
  • Letter writing assistance
  • ...and more
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Duplex and Single Family Homes
  • High Density Residential
  • Industrial
  • ...and more